Grayhawk Family Practice was founded in 2004 by Dr. Ida Crocker-Sabbagh. Grayhawk Family Practice has been awarded a top doc facility multiple years.  Dr. Crocker-Sabbagh had great visions for the absolute best medical care. Her and Nikki put a fine tooth on what this meant to them. Dr. Crocker-Sabbagh re-located in 2018 and Nikki continues her vision of amazing medical care at your fingertips.

Grayhawk Family Practice is a hybrid concierge medical facility. What this means to you, we do accept insurance, however, we do have a nominal monthly fee. This fee includes all non-covered services by your insurance company, out of network benefits, 24/7 direct access to your provider by call, text or email. One hour appointment times, virtual visits when you cannot make it to our office and a 2 hour yearly executive physical. There is so much more to the personalization of our practice that you have to see to believe. We truly hope you consider us in making us your medical home. We do offer a free meet and greet session to see if you feel we are the right fit for you.