How to Have a Great Relationship with Your Doctor

Sometimes it’s difficult to form a relationship with your primary care provider. You may feel your doctor is too busy, won’t really remember you, or doesn’t have time to care about every little problem you have. If you have not had a consistent primary care provider you may even feel rushed each time as a new patient; like you don’t have time to get to know your provider or for them to get to know you. Many patient-doctor relationships can even hold mistrust. As a patient you may feel that a doctor can pass judgement and not give you the proper care you deserve. The list goes on. It’s important to note that you do deserve proper care and a good patient-doctor relationship. Your health depends on the relationship you have with your doctor, you have to trust your health in your doctor’s hands. Having open honest conversations with your doctor and not being afraid to confide personal details in addition to feeling the security that your doctor genuinely cares can be life changing. Dr. Crocker-Sabbagh’s deep passion is to help people and patients. She offers a genuine, personalized care approach with open communication. Here are some tips on How to Get the Best From Your Relationship With Your Doctor.

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