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Why do I need to Meditate?

By now you have probably heard the many praises of Meditation. Praises like, ‘when you practice Meditation you get less depressed, clearer thinking, and a more balanced outlook on your life.’

But where in the world do you find the time to go to a Meditate or listen to your Meditation app when you are already really tired and overloaded?

Do you want to know the secret? Do you want to know the shortcut? Do you want to know the most uncomplicated way to do Meditation? Do you want to know the fastest way possible so you can start reaping the benefits of Meditation?

Here’s the secret, “you imperfectly start”.

Since there is never a ‘perfect time’ to start anything just start. Get up 10 mins earlier, make time before you go to bed. If your life is stressful then it’s calling you to take time out to learn to practice a less stressful way of living.

The great news is that there are many ways to start your imperfect Meditation Practice. You can get an app, look at YouTube, go to a yoga class, hire a Meditation coach, go to a Meditation series of classes to get to know which meditation works for you.

The bottom line is that if your life needs Meditation because you, have anxiety, are not sleeping or other stress symptoms, then listen to your life and get the help you need to start and develop a Meditation practice to balance your life.

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-by Briana Beveridge (associated with Grayhawk Family Practice)

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