How to Talk to Your Doctor

Talking to and understanding your doctor is very important for your health. Yet, health and medicine are not easy to understand topics. Add stress, worry or hurry to the situation and you get miscommunication or misunderstanding. Doctors do their best to provide patients with personalized care, but they are not mind-readers. So what can you do? First, do not be afraid to tell your doctor a little about yourself. Are you conservative when it comes to testing and treatment? Or do you appreciate your doctor being proactive? Of course you must trust that your doctor knows best, but having your input will help him or her communicate with you better. Next, make sure to ask for clarification. Do not feel rushed. If you are uncertain about what a medicine does, how to take it, why a test is required just ask. Your doctor will be able to assist you and talk to you about your concerns and possibly find another solution if that’s best for you. Your health comes first. Also, ask what is expected of you after your visit. Not every doctor’s office uses the same tools, should you expect a call or do you need to call them to follow-up? If your doctor seems busy you can always ask to talk to the office personnel or a nurse practitioner. Some doctor’s also accept confidential e-mails and phone calls. Finally, follow your gut and speak up about new symptoms and old symptoms. Don’t hide anything from your doctor, this ensures the best possible relationship with your doctor. For more tips on how to talk to your doctor click here. 

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