Telemedicine Agreement

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Family Doctor in Scottsdale

Talking to and understanding your doctor is very important for your health. Yet, health and medicine are not easy to understand topics. Add stress, worry or hurry to the situation and you get miscommunication or misunderstanding. Doctors do their best to provide patients with personalized care, but they are not mind-readers. So what can you do? First, do not be …

Health Diet Animal Product Reduction

Benefits of Animal Product Reduction We sometimes feel eating animal protein is necessary in order to have enough protein or quality protein. This is not true. With a balanced diet one can have enough protein. Plant protein is high quality protein. Vegetables are also full of fiber in addition to other essential nutrients. Reduction of animal protein is beneficial as …

Is Your Love of Chocolate Healthy?

“A recent study finds an association between consuming chocolate and having a significantly lower risk of being diagnosed with atrial fibrillation (AFib), a common heart condition that involves an irregular heartbeat. But — sorry, chocaholics — it’s yet to be proven that eating the sweet stuff will actually help you avoid AFib.” – Cleveland Clinic The study found that those …

How to Have a Great Relationship with Your Doctor

Sometimes it’s difficult to form a relationship with your primary care provider. You may feel your doctor is too busy, won’t really remember you, or doesn’t have time to care about every little problem you have. If you have not had a consistent primary care provider you may even feel rushed each time as a new patient; like you don’t …

Brain cells spy on your breath

by Sarah Knapton, science editor 30 MARCH 2017 • 7:02PM Taken from Taking a deep breath really does calm you down by triggering neurons in your brain which tell the body it is time to relax, a new study has found. Researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine and the University of California have identified 175 brain cells which …

Why do I need to Meditate?

By now you have probably heard the many praises of Meditation. Praises like, ‘when you practice Meditation you get less depressed, clearer thinking, and a more balanced outlook on your life.’ But where in the world do you find the time to go to a Meditate or listen to your Meditation app when you are already really tired and overloaded? …

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Family Doctor in Scottsdale

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Membership Agreement

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